Admin Panel Features


Attractive admin Dashboard

Administrator Panel gives you an altered handle of the general outline of a site.


Reports Management

Report on sales per month/ per week and orders per month/ per week can be extracted.


Manage site currency

Custom currency management solutions design by our experts for your specific business goals.


Payment Setting

Under this administrator segment, default and introduced Payment strategies is recorded. Administrator client can change installment strategy status (dynamic or inert).


Customer Management

Client administration will permit the administrator to seek customer(s) by its name, email and status. Notes about client can be incorporated.


Orders management

All orders by clients are recorded here under this administrator area. Empower administrator client to see all requests, to see arrange detail and change arrange status.


Reviews Management

All reviews by customer or front user are listed under Reviews Management. The main purpose of this section is to view all reviews made by front users


Outlet Management

Admin has the complete control of every management like choosing the nearby outlet etc providing at the service of the customers and also to grow their business.


Categories management

Available categories are listed in table view in this admin section. It enables admin user to search in category by its title, id, description, keywords and status (active or inactive).


Discount Management

Alluring rebates can be given for the clients to construct online activity for the business.


Items Management

In this administrator area, all things are recorded and thing seek frame empowers to look items.


Manage service price

Manage multiple services and sub services with price.


Contact & Location Setting

Under this setting, there is site contact data, for example, phone, address, organization name.


Customer Address book Management

With address administration, it's workable for your clients to deal with their own particular address book in the frontend.


Email & SMS Settings

In this admin section, admin user is able to edit / view an email & SMS template.


Manage Drop time (24hrs or 48 hrs)

Clothing and cleaning is done with a turnaround time of 24hrs or 48 hrs which can be easily done at the back end.


User Testimonials

Testimonials have achieved an unequaled high in significance as the web is currently a plenty of audits.


Contact us form management

Access all of the account and contact data you need to keep deals moving, from anywhere.


Change Password

If you've forgotten your admin password,, you can reset it by means of email from the LaundryNcart dashboard login page by entering Username or E-mail.


Search filter

You can filter and redo your list items to discover precisely what you need. You can look by Category, things, catchphrases, date.


Site info setting

You can design the general, worldwide, and include particular data for your site in the Settings board. Logo, Site name, motto, Mission explanation.


User- Friendly

LaundryNcart gives effectively workable and available to others. Portable Compatibility, Well Planned Information Architecture.

Customer Features


Android Customer App

The popularity and convenience of smart phones and mobile apps is leading to huge growth in mobile payments using Android App.


iOS Customer App

Customer base can be expanded by offering custom ios apps and to better fit their needs by extending the capabilities of their iOS devices.


Choose Near Outlets

Customers can choose the nearby outlets which is closer to their residential area for the laundry service.


Cash and PayPal Payment

You will be asked for your credit card details once you place your order. You will be charged once we complete doing your Laundry.


Collect From nearby outlet

Customers can collect the laundry items from the nearby outlets which is closer to their residential area for the laundry service.


Upfront Payment

Upfront payment is prepayment - money can be paid by the customers before getting the laundry items.


Effective offer promotions

Special offers are made at specific time to enjoy our laundry service by the customers those who are at the nook and corner.


Add or select Pickup & Drop off Address

Customer can enter /add address or even multiple addresses and can select the pickups.


Schedule your Pickup & Drop off Time

Simply sign on our application utilizing Facebook or you can make account with us by entering your email.


Schedule your laundry Service

It's consistent, Just place order on the phone choosing the get and drop of time. Options will be available to edit/ cancel the schedule.



LaundryNcart gives customers the capacity to enroll, deal with their profiles and change their passwords.


Select Items & service details

Customers can select the laundry items and service details just by clicking and thus making their job easier.


Place order

To place an order, identify your pickup and delivery location, pick your preferred laundry, schedule a time that’s convenient for you, register and complete the order.


Order Status Update

You can track the status of your order from our app. Complete details with order status will be available at your fingertips.


Effective Customer profile

The profiles of all the customers and their information is stored properly in the database and fetched rightly according to the staff requirements.


Change Password

If you've to change your password, you can reset it by means of email from the LaundryNcart dashboard login page by entering Username or E-mail.


Manage Address book

With address administration, it's workable for your clients to deal with their own particular address book in the frontend.


Email & mgs notifications

Text messaging/Email gives customers the flexibility to transact with us in the most convenient way possible.


Password recovery

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by means of email from the LaundryNcart dashboard login page by entering Username or E-mail. You will get an email to Reset Password.


Contact Form

Contact form is available online and customer can contact and can ask their queries regarding laundryNcart.



Here customers can write the reviews regarding the service and has the right to rate the app.

Unique features


Responsive design bootstrap

We provide Responsive design with bootstrap framework which creates websites that automatically adjust to look good and function well on any size screen.


Plug-in friendly

It is a component that adds a specific feature to an existing system. Plug-in allows creating abilities which extend an application to support easily adding new features.


Geo location based listing

We ensure that we can service your area by using the GPS on your phone, that way, you will know for sure if we you can take advantage of our great service.


System Alert messages

A system alert message is a system message that pops up the System Alert Message to inform operators of an error. Using the System Alert Message,


Payment Gateway Integration

We integrate best payment gateways with your website in a highly efficient and cost effective manner, helping you with powerful ecommerce solutions for your business.


On-page SEO

Improving your rankings and the traffic to your website is not an overnight process. However, the right SEO strategies can help you see better results in a shorter time

Security Features


Email Verification

Email verification is a very popular method that has been utilized by almost every user who is has an email account.


SQL injection

SQL injection free coding secures data from the robotic and fraud automatic computer programs that directly alter or add dummy data into database.