Customer App

Brings customer nearer:
It brings clothing comfortable doorstep of customers who can in a flash get to laundry services and put in home-pickup requests for cloth.
Helpful for customers:
It gives customers a chance to kick back and make the most of their time in other imperative works while all materials are washed by master hands.
Planning of services:
With a laundryNcart app customers can plan washing, pressing and cleaning on request and these services are given at their doorstep.
Tracking of the progress:
They can see progress and track the washing and delivery of their clothes. Home-pick, delivery and online payment options also possible.
Work process:
User downloads app and schedules the pickup from their preferred location.
Back-end assigns pickup to the delivery executive and the delivery executive is updated on their Delivery App.
The delivery executive picks up the laundry from the customer’s location and uploads all the details of that order on their app. The customer is simultaneously updated with an invoice.
Clothes are delivered to the designated laundry store.
Upon washing of clothes, they are verified and given to the delivery executive who delivers the laundry to the preferred destination of the customer along with the invoice and collects payment.